Garrison Manufacturing is housed in a modern facility located in Santa Ana, in the heart of industrial California. We are ISO 9000 certified and hosts its own CAD/CAM design engineering, tooling, production, assembly, and shipping departments, which together provide its customers with turnkey hydraulic cylinder manufacturing services.

Garrison’s engineering department is fully equipped with the latest in software and hardware and is capable of handling the toughest challenges.

Once a cylinder’s specification is received, Garrison’s engineers adapt it into their CAD environment and evaluate it for design completeness. If necessary, to help a customer define the exact cylinder for its specific application, Garrison Manufacturing’s engineers will interface with a customer’s engineers and will offer them their technical expertise to arrive at a complete design. Upon design completion, a drawing is sent to the customer for review and approval. Once a component part drawing is accepted, a prototype sample is produced. Following review, evaluation, and customer approval, the order is placed into production.

This detailed process ensures error-free performance and a near zero-return rate on all Garrison products.

Why Clients Like Us.

We stand behind our product and go the extra mile to keep our promise to our customers to ensure Quality and Reliability in the field, as their equipment is deployed!.


Garrison’s large facility is equipped with state-of-the-art Cutting, Honing, CNC, Welding, Deburr, Assembly, and Testing infrastructure. A significant portion of Garrison’s equipment is Numerically Controlled and /or Robot Assisted that allow cylinders to be produced with the highest quality.

The Source for top Quality, High Performance Cylinders